US FDA Cosmetics Registration


Background of U.S. Cosmetic Registration

US FDA Cosmetics Registration

The United States recently enacted the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA), which expands the FDA's regulatory authority over the cosmetics industry. This new law requires the FDA to establish comprehensive regulations for companies that manufacture and distribute cosmetics in the U.S. MoCRA is designed to ensure cosmetic safety and effectiveness and to provide greater consumer protection.

It is worth noting that VCRP, a voluntary registration scheme established in 1972, has been discontinued. FDA announced on March 27, 2023 that it would stop accepting and handling paper and electronic materials submitted by VCRP. In addition, the FDA launched the "Cosmetics Direct" electronic submissions portal and published the final guidelines on Registration and Listing of Cosmetic Product Facilities.

About Us

Our regulatory experts provide the highest quality service to ensure your compliance with the actual requirements of U.S. law and FDA cosmetic regulations.

Our company offers a range of services to assist companies in achieving compliance with FDA regulations, including safety substantiation, product registration, ingredient review, labeling review, GMP compliance, product portfolio management, etc. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficacy of cosmetic products and helping companies navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the cosmetics industry. We tailor our support to your needs. Whether you need help with training, specific projects, or long-term cooperation, we will be your partner for success!

The Process of FDA Cosmetic Registration

  • Cosmetic Facility Registration
    Our company assists cosmetic manufacturers to complete facility registration as soon as possible in accordance with the latest legislation.
  • FDA cosmetic labeling compliance
    We conduct a complete and thorough review of your labeling to ensure FDA compliance before the product reaches the port of entry or selling point.
  • Cosmetic product listing
    Our company assists your company in submitting an adequate and compliant cosmetic product listing.

Our U.S. Cosmetics Registration Services

  • Representative services
  • Registration of cosmetic facility with the FDA
  • Registration of cosmetic ingredients with the FDA
  • Product filing (submit product-specific information such as product components to the FDA)
  • Formulation assessment
  • Safety assessment
  • Label reviews (professional cosmetics label, perfume allergen label, etc.)
  • Cosmetic GMP compliance
  • Adverse event recordkeeping and reporting
  • Consulting service
  • MoCRA training

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