Canadian Cosmetics Compliance


Background of Canadian Cosmetics Regulations

Canadian Cosmetics Compliance

In Canada, the import and sale of cosmetics are regulated by the Cosmetics Division of Health Canada, and the corresponding regulatory laws and regulations are the Food and Drugs Act and the Cosmetics Regulations. According to the regulations, cosmetics include any substance or mixture of substances used to cleanse, enhance, or alter the complexion, skin, hair, or teeth. They also include deodorants and perfumes. Any professionally manufactured beauty product sold in Canada is subject to cosmetic regulations.

Canada's cosmetic regulations provide detailed requirements for the manufacture, storage, labeling, packaging, distribution, and sale of cosmetic products. As required by the government, the labelling of cosmetics and any chemical substances found in cosmetics must comply with the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, respectively. Cosmetics that meet the relevant requirements can be legally imported into Canada for sale.

About Us

Our company offers complete solutions for Canadian cosmetic compliance to help you bring your cosmetic products to market.

Our experience and readily available regulatory and scientific experts have a deep understanding of Canadian regulatory requirements and have English, French, and other multilingual capabilities, which enables us to provide customers with one-stop Canadian cosmetics compliance services. We provide detailed Canadian cosmetics compliance consulting services and compliance support to ensure cosmetic companies comply with Canada's regulatory requirements for cosmetic ingredients, notification, and product labeling. Based on convenient digital compliance tools, professional consulting and testing services, we help cosmetic companies accelerate product development to market and reduce compliance risks.

Our Canadian Cosmetics Compliance Services

We provide professional and complete cosmetic compliance services to companies that manufacture or import cosmetic products into Canada to help them obtain approval from Health Canada prior to import and/or distribution. Our services are not only for general cosmetic products but also for certain cosmetic products with therapeutic properties that are classified as natural health products (NHP) or OTC drugs. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic planning and consulting for Canadian cosmetics regulation
  • Product labeling review for Canadian regulatory compliance
  • New product development support/assessment for Canadian regulatory compliance
  • Ingredient review against Domestic Substances List (DSL) and the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist
  • Cosmetics safety assessments
  • Toxicological Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • Preparation and submission of Cosmetic Notification Forms and New Substance Notifications
  • Preparation and submission of Drug Establishment Licenses (DEL)
  • Preparation and submission of NHP Product License Application (PLA)
  • Preparation and application for NHP Site License (SL)
  • GMP compliance support for importers, manufacturers, and/or distributors
  • Administrative/regulatory support
  • Dossier submission and management

Our Regulatory Process

Our Regulatory Process

Our Advantages

  • Accurate label review
  • Years of continuous tracking of Canadian cosmetic regulations and experience accumulation
  • Fast turnaround and competitive price

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