Record-filing of Non-pesticide Use Products in China


Background of Non-pesticide Use Products

Record-filing of Non-pesticide Use Products in China

Non-pesticide use products are products included in the "China Import and Export Pesticide Management Catalogue" and are used in areas other than pesticide use as stipulated in the "Pesticide Management Regulations", such as medicine, veterinary medicine, feed, dyes, industrial preservatives, and other uses. Import and export enterprises and manufacturing enterprises need to file for non-pesticide use products and obtain import and export release permits before importing these products into or exporting them from China. The record-filing of non-pesticide use products in China also applies to products without pesticide ingredients that kill or repel pests by physical methods, as well as pesticide samples used for scientific research or testing inside and outside China.

About Us

In order to meet the needs of our clients in the field of agrochemicals and biocides, we have established an agrochemicals division with a team of members with master's degrees and above. Our senior regulatory experts and risk assessment technical experts have extensive technical experience in agrochemical and biocide product registration strategy, filing process, data requirements, and risk assessment. We have helped domestic and foreign enterprises complete the filing of multiple non-pesticide use products and the application for import and export release permits. Our accumulated successful experience has enabled us to quickly respond to your requirements for non-pesticide use product compliance.

Application Process

Application Process

Materials Required

Enterprise Filing To apply for a release notice for the import and export management of non-pesticide use products/samples, it is first necessary to file with the enterprise. The types of enterprise filing include import and export trading companies, self-operated enterprises, and production enterprises.
  • Enterprise filing application form
  • Import and export enterprise qualification certificate
  • Business license (copy)
  • Enterprise or company profile
  • Tax registration certificate (copy)
  • Organization code certificate (copy)
  • Import and export goods consignee and consignor customs registration certificate (copy)
  • ID card of the legal representative and the certificate agent (copy)
Product/Sample Filing After the successful filing of enterprises, obtain a username and password followed by filing for non-pesticide use products. For product filing, materials shall be submitted separately for exported non-pesticide use products and imported non-pesticide use products.
  • Product description (import/export reasons, import/export enterprise name, product/sample name, active ingredient content, dosage form, quantity, import/export country, product/sample use, etc.)
  • Product/sample filing application form
  • Product safety data sheet MSDS (Chinese)
  • Certificate of origin officially issued by the importing country
  • The certification documents that the product is allowed to be produced, sold, and registered in the country (region) of production or origin
  • For veterinary (medical) drug products, it is necessary to submit the registration certificate and business license for imported veterinary (medical) drugs
  • Certificate of product use issued by the end user and trading company
Release Permit Application After the product is successfully filed and the product registration number is obtained, the customs release permit should be applied according to the requirements.
  • Customs release permit application form
  • Export commission for manufacturers
  • Product quality inspection report
  • Export/import contracts
  • Imported product customs declaration, packing list, bill of lading, and freight invoice

Our Services

Our researchers are familiar with the filing process for non-pesticide use products and provide detailed and reliable services to clients at each step. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-pesticide use product registration legislation and policy survey
  • Filing budget, cost control, and filing strategies
  • Data evaluation and gap analysis
  • Dossier preparation and submission
  • Record-filing of non-pesticide use products
  • Import and export customs release certificate application
  • Customized training

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