Who We Are

Our company is a leading product safety and regulatory consulting firm with a long-standing core mission of "Value in Compliance". We provide complete regulatory compliance solutions for multiple regions including Asia Pacific, Europe, and America. Our one-stop global market access services cover a wide range of industries including industrial chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical device, agrochemicals and biocides.

We utilize our technical expertise, utilizes its technical expertise, international network, and various resources to provide one-stop compliance services, including product compliance consulting and technical services, product registration, safety consulting, digital solutions, and investment and financing. Our company strives to serve our clients in a fast and professional manner to ensure that their regulatory and quality-related objectives are met in the most cost-effective manner.

Our company provides technical support to help companies achieve product compliance and improve the quality of healthy life, making us the most competitive product compliance service provider in the world. We have the utmost respect for the confidentiality of our work and take every step to build long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our Mission

Our Procedure of Global Emergency Telephone Service

Achieving Global Compliance

Our company provides global, 24/7 access to product safety and regulatory advice and accelerates regulatory approvals through reliable testing and certification, helping companies overcome trade barriers and open up global markets.

Driving Sustainable Development

Our company provides comprehensive quality assurance throughout the product supply chain and minimizes safety and security risks by seeking out the most professional and technical services, ensuring compliance solutions for our customers that meet safety and sustainability principles.

Key Facts

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

We provide high-quality regulatory and scientific consulting services and ensure that your products meet the quality, safety, environmental, and social responsibility standards of the marketplace, whether your business is local or global. Our scientific expertise in overcoming regulatory, market, and supply chain barriers enable you navigate the complex and ever-changing global regulatory landscape.

Our Team

Our Team

Our technical core team is comprised of experts with extensive regulatory response experience and advanced degrees in chemistry, biology, microbiology, agronomy, toxicology, pharmacology, environmental engineering, food safety, public health, and software modeling. Our team is able to provide high-end regulatory services to help enterprises cope with various regulations quickly and efficiently.

Our Experience

Our Experience

With feet on the ground in many regions, We provide regulatory compliance services on an international scale. We have established partnerships with local agencies in Europe, the US, and the UK and have long-term arrangements in other jurisdictions, including Asia-Pacific. Our consultants are multilingual and have a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape in the regions we serve.

Our Clients

Our Clients

We are committed to providing fast turnaround times and prompt responses to all of our clients including chemical, consumer products, food, pesticide, personal care, and animal health companies, as well as trade associations, industry groups, and law firms. We have good business ethics and maintain strict client confidentiality.

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We provide complete regulatory compliance solutions to improve your competitive advantage!

Complete regulatory compliance solutions

Assurance: Ensure that you identify and mitigate the risks inherent in your daily operations, supply chain, and management systems.


Testing: Verify that your products and services meet or exceed standards for safety, quality, performance, and sustainability.


Inspect: Confirm that your raw materials, products, and assets are regulated, valued, and safe.


Certification: Granting formal confirmation that your products and services meet any established internal or external standards.