K-REACH Registration


Background of K-REACH

K-REACH Registration

K-REACH is the abbreviation of The Act on Registration and Evaluation, etc. of Chemicals in Korea. The law was officially implemented on January 1, 2015. For the management of new chemical substances, existing chemical substances, and downstream products, this act adopts registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction requirements similar to the EU REACH regulations.

The revised K-REACH regulation was officially implemented on January 1, 2019. The case introduced the pre-registration of existing substances and the phased registration model by tonnage, which has had a significant impact on the chemical industry. According to the Korean K-REACH regulation, new chemical substances with annual tonnage over 0.1t/a and existing chemical substances with annual tonnage over 1t/a are required to be registered before entering the Korean market. In addition, all existing substances exceeding 1t/a must be submitted to the office for pre-registration before June 30, 2019, and formal registration needs to be completed before the grace period ends.

About Us

K-REACH submission and approval is a complex process. Our company is committed to providing K-REACH registration services for new and existing chemicals to ensure the Korean marketing of your products is in full compliance. Our experienced regulatory consultants who are experienced in navigating REACH requirements will carry out the registration of your products from A to Z and provide accurate registration budget estimates in advance.

Our K-REACH Registration Services

Our company provides the following services related to chemical registration for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of industrial, commercial, and consumer chemicals in Korea:

  • Diagnosis and consultation on K-REACH compliance
    • Evaluation and prescription services for K-REACH provisions
    • Risk concern product consulting services
    • Examination of registration exemption conditions
    • Inspection and reporting of hazardous chemical substances in products
    • Provision and development of registration strategies for substances required for registration in accordance with various K-REACH regulations
    • Provision of information and development of information protection strategies
  • New substance inquiry service
  • Substance classification
  • K-REACH lead registrant service
    • Optimization of testing strategies and minimizing costs
    • Creation of Chemical Safety Reports (CSRs) when necessary
    • Creation of registration dossiers
    • Management of Letters of Access (LoA) for members of the Communicative Organization (CICO)
  • K-REACH member registrant service
    • Assessment of the registration budget
    • Creation and submission of member dossiers
  • K-REACH pre-registration service
    • Assessment of the possibility of delayed pre-registration
    • Creation and submission of pre-registration dossiers
  • Preparation and submission of chemical risk assessment reports
  • K-REACH registration exemption application
  • Korea safety data sheet (SDS) and labeling preparation
  • Data sharing and data gap analysis
  • Only Representative (OR) services
  • Laboratory supervision
  • Regulatory training

We're Here to Help!

  • Our experienced team of regulatory scientists guides you and your products throughout the entire K-REACH registration process.
  • We have extensive experience acting as lead registrant and co-registrant to help you drive a registration forward and manage the administrative and technical aspects of registration and submission.
  • We are experienced REACH OR for multiple companies and are responsible for ensuring compliance with all legal requirements of the regulations on importers.

If you need help or have a question, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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