Our company is a leading provider of services to the health and beauty industry, offering cosmetic companies scientific and regulatory support for cosmetic regulation compliance.


Along with the growing customer demand for cosmetics and the rapid development of global trade, the cosmetics industry is growing rapidly, with increasing product technology and improving quality. At the same time, the requirements of cosmetic brand owners for their suppliers' factories have gradually increased. The safety of cosmetics is of great concern to countries around the world. To date, countries have established strict regulations and directives to guarantee the safety of the public in the use of cosmetics.

As a leading global cosmetic compliance consultancy, our company has extensive experience, top technical and regulatory experts, and toxicologists with safety assessment capabilities. We are devoted to providing strong technical support to the cosmetics industry. With decades of experience in cosmetic regulatory compliance, we provide complete scientific and regulatory support to government organizations, global well-known cosmetic companies, research institutions, and industrial associations. Our clients cover China, Korea, Japan, Europe, USA, UK, Canada, and other countries and regions.

Our Services in the Cosmetics Industry

Our company's experts provide professional global market access consulting and customized regulatory compliance services to cosmetic companies to ensure their products comply with local cosmetic regulations to keep their products on the marketplace. We continue to expand our service areas and scope, covering the entire life cycle of cosmetics compliance, including new ingredient notification, cosmetics registration/filing, safety assessment, adverse reaction monitoring, etc.

Asia Pacific

North America


Industry Solutions

  • Regulatory consulting solutions for general cosmetics
    We provide cosmetic compliance services, including ingredient review, formulation review, cosmetic safety reporting, product development evaluation, and more.
  • Regulatory consulting solutions for special cosmetics
    Some cosmetic products with therapeutic properties such as the treatment or prevention of acne or sunburn may be classified as OTC drugs or natural health products (NHP). For these special cosmetic products, we offer services including regulatory-compliant new product development support/assessment, product label and formula review, quality assurance services, GMP compliance support, etc.

Service Capability


Our company has a technical team composed of many industry experts, including internationally certified toxicologists, EU-certified cosmetic safety assessors, etc.


Our team of experts has the ability to evaluate your product type and composition against current cosmetic regulations and the latest approved regulatory amendments.


Our company has a wealth of resources and has established long-term partnerships with several national associations of cosmetic companies and personal care product associations.

Our company is a consulting company specializing in providing cosmetic compliance services. We are committed to providing global cosmetic enterprises with efficient one-stop compliance services, including R&D assistance, cosmetic toxicological evaluation/safety assessment, Asia Pacific/ North America/ Europe cosmetic compliance services, and other customized services. If you need help or have a question, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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