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Our company provides complete compliance solutions for the food industry, helping manufacturers, retailers, and brands provide safer products to consumers.


With the current frequency of food safety accidents, food safety production is facing a severe test. Every link of the entire supply chain from production to consumption is facing the challenges of product safety, quality reliability, and efficiency improvement. The quality and safety of food production have attracted more and more attention because of the strict supervision of consumers and regulations.

The food compliance management system is a systematic management system that is continuously improved and perfected. From the identification of compliance obligations, compliance risk assessment, compliance risk level evaluation, formulation of compliance control measures and preventive measures, and continuous improvement, a systematic food compliance management system is formed.

As a leading global quality and safety service provider, our company has extensive insight and experience in food compliance. Our technical team has a deep understanding of Chinese, European, and American food regulations and food safety regulations, food quality management, microbiological testing, food processes, and other technical content. We are able to provide our clients with credible food safety testing, supervision, and certification services from food production and processing to trading, distribution, and consumption. This provides effective support and risk defense services for the entire food supply chain.

Our Services in the Food Industry

We provide food compliance management system certification consulting guidance and certification services for food production enterprises, food operation enterprises, and catering enterprises. The main contents include registration and/or filing services on health food, compliance service on common food and food contact materials, food for special medical purposes registration service, regulatory information tracking and training services, and more. This helps clients achieve product compliance to improve their competitiveness.


Europe & Americas

Industry Solutions

We support various industries within the food sector and offer an inclusive range of solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Convenience food solutions
  • Dairy solutions
  • Animal feed and pet food solutions
  • Fruit and vegetable solutions
  • Meat and vegan food solutions
  • Food supplements solutions

Technical Service Capability


Staffed by a multidisciplinary team of technicians, chemists, nutritionists, toxicologists, and regulatory analysts.


Extensive insight and practical experience in the food industry and in dealing with regulatory obligations.


Close working relationships with government officials and industry associations at local and national levels.


Customized solutions tailored to enterprises' actual needs.

Our company provides you with complete solutions, including testing, inspection, scientific and regulatory consulting, and certification to help you bring new innovative food or healthcare products to the market, as well as improve your supply chain. Our expertise in various international standards and regulations from the manufacturing process to delivery helps you ensure food regulatory compliance and provide client satisfaction. If you need help or have a question, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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