China Food Supplements Registration and Notification


Regulation Background of Food Supplements in China

China Food Supplements Registration and Notification

Food supplements are generally defined as food products with specific health functions or for the purpose of vitamin or mineral supplementation. Food supplements are suitable for consumption by a specific group of people. They have the function of regulating the body, but not for the purpose of treating diseases, and do not produce any acute, subacute, or chronic harm to the human body. China implements strict supervision and management of food supplements and other special foods. Only food supplements that have obtained registration certificates or filing certificates are allowed to be marketed on the Chinese market.

In China, food products are regulated by the State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR). District, municipal, provincial, and national market supervision bureaus assume their respective responsibilities. Food supplements manufactured in China need to be registered with SAMR and filed with the Provincial Administration for Market Regulation. Imported food supplements need to apply for registration and notification with SAMR before entering China. Food supplement manufacturers outside of China may establish a permanent representative office in China or appoint a Chinese agent in order to submit registration or notification.

About Us

Our company provides scientific and regulatory support for the food supplement industry.

Our company has extensive successful experience in registering and filing food supplements in China and enjoys a high reputation and wide acclaim. With a special food registration department and core members with backgrounds in the food, pharmaceutical, and nutrition industries, we are capable of providing quality, reliable, and efficient regulatory consulting amd registration and notification services related to food supplements for our global clients. We follow through with the registration and notification process and act as a liaison with the regulatory authorities for food supplement products in the Chinese market. This will expedite your product's entry into China.

Our China Food Supplement Registration and Notification Services

We mainly provide clients with notification and registration services for domestic food supplement products and agent registration and notification services for imported food supplement products. We help our clients collect and organize product-related information, test samples, and prepare and submit declaration/filing materials according to relevant regulations, aiming to help them obtain food supplements approval certificates or filing numbers in an efficient, fast, and economical manner.

  • Regulatory consultation
    • Interpretation of food supplements management regulations
    • Registration strategies for food supplements 
    • Product development consulting
  • Imported/domestic food supplements notification services
    • Feasibility assessment of food supplements filing
    • Preparation and review of filing materials
    • Submission of filing materials and acquisition of filing number
  • Imported/domestic food supplements registration services
    • Pre-assessment of food supplements registration: feasibility, fees, and timeline
    • Registration dossier preparation
    • Test supervision for food supplements registration
    • Communication with assessment experts and relevant authorities
  • Other services
    • Pre-market investigation
    • Classification of food products and formula review
    • Health food labeling review
    • Go-to-market regulatory support
    • Translation

Our Advantages

  • End-to-end and market-specific regulatory consultation
  • Cost-effective strategies to ensure speed-to-market
  • A strong relationship with various Health Authorities

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