China Pesticide Registration


Background of China Pesticide Registration

China Pesticide Registration

As one of the major manufacturers and exporters of pesticides, China plays a very important role in the global supply chain of pesticides. Pesticides produced, sold, and used in China are regulated by the Regulations on the Control of Agrochemicals issued in 2017. Pesticide manufacturers and companies that export pesticides to China should apply for pesticide registration before they can legally bring their pesticide products to the Chinese market for sale. Domestic applicants should first undergo a preliminary review with their local provincial authorities and then apply for registration with China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MoA); foreign applicants can submit their registration applications directly to the MoA.

Pesticide registration applies to a wide range of products, typically including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, seed care products, plant growth regulators, biopesticides and public health pesticides such as wood preservatives, mosquito repellents, and termiticides.

About Us

Our company provides you with the most practical and customized solutions to ensure the smooth registration of pesticides in China.

With extensive experience in pesticide registration compliance in China and a strong team of senior and mid-level technical staff with professional backgrounds in biology, analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacology, and the environment, our company is fully capable of helping you successfully obtain registration under the new pesticide regulations in China. We specialize in domestic and foreign pesticide registration, technology development, and technical project management and are familiar with pesticide registration regulations and the registration process, helping companies engaged in pesticide trade in China to comprehensively save registration costs, shorten registration time, and accelerate product launch.

Our Pesticide Registration Types

We provide customers with various types of pesticide registration services.

Manufacturing-use products
  • New active ingredient TCs (TKs) registration
  • Non-me-too TKs (TCs) registration
  • Me-too TCs (TKs) registration
End-use products
  • New formulation registration
  • New active ingredient content registration
  • New ratio registration
  • New application scope or method registration
  • Me-too formulations or similar formulations registration
Change registration
  • Expand application scope
  • Change of application method
  • Change of use dosage
  • Change of specifications or composition of TC (TK)
  • Change in toxicity level

Our China Pesticide Registration Services

We help clients prepare and submit the required registration documents to MoA, including risk assessment reports, sample labels, application forms, etc., depending on the type of product registration concerned. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive consultation on Chinese pesticide registration regulations
  • Registration type determination
  • Registration budget, cost control, and registration plan
  • Data gap analysis and data quality assessment
  • Exemption analysis
  • Pesticide laboratory screening and test coordination
  • Physical and chemical analysis
  • Storage stability testing
  • Pesticide product risk assessment (health/environment/dietary)
  • Registration information collection and organization
  • Pesticide registration dossier preparation and submission
  • China pesticide registration
  • Exported-only pesticide registration
  • Customized pesticide global market analysis report
  • Import and export customs release certificate
  • Alteration registration
  • Renewal of pesticide registration certificate
  • Customized pesticide regulatory training

Our Advantages

  • One-stop services for pesticide registration in China, from analyzing product compliance strategies and developing compliance plans to successfully completing China pesticide registration.
  • Cooperate with many excellent laboratories around the world to design professional and efficient testing solutions and provide quality services for enterprises.
  • Establish long-term friendly communication with officials and experts to ensure service quality and efficiency.

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