Switzerland New Substance Registration (Swiss REACH)


Background of the Swiss Chemicals Ordinance (ChemO)

Switzerland New Substance Registration (Swiss REACH)

As a non-EU country in Europe, Switzerland has not directly adopted the EU REACH regulation. However, ChemO is largely aligned with European REACH and CLP regulations, except for substance registration procedures. Previously, the Swiss ChemO regulation required notification of new substances not listed on the EU EINECS (inventory of existing substances), but since May 1, 2022, the Swiss ChemO definition of new and existing substances has changed significantly and the regulation requires notification of new substances not registered under EU REACH.

Existing substances judged under Swiss ChemO must meet the following three conditions:

  • The substance is registered under EU REACH with the registration type "Full" or "NONS" and at least one registration status of "Active"
  • The substance is not registered exclusively as an intermediate under EU REACH
  • The substance may not be placed on the Swiss market in quantities higher than the tonnage range registered in the EU

Substances that do not meet the above conditions will be considered new substances and need to be notified to the Swiss authorities before they can be placed on the Swiss market.

About Us

Our company provides professional Switzerland new substance registration consulting and compliance services to help our clients cope with changing chemical regulations.

Under the new policy, the list of new and existing substances in Switzerland is not fixed, and the corresponding regulatory obligations are also changed. Companies engaged in chemicals are obliged to provide evidence for the determination of existing substances for official law enforcement inspections. Our regulatory experts have in-depth knowledge of Swiss ChemO and EU REACH compliance and are well-positioned to help our clients respond to changes in Swiss ChemO compliance in a timely manner. Our Swiss New Substance Registration services help manufacturers/importers of chemicals to notify the Chemical Registration Office of their new substances in order to successfully place them on the Swiss market.

Our Switzerland New Substance Registration Services

We help Swiss manufacturers or importers confirm the registration of substances obtained from the European Economic Area (EEA) in the EU. And we help them check whether substances manufactured in Switzerland or obtained as transit goods from non-EEA countries or through the EU meet the existing substance definitions given in ChemO. For chemicals defined as new substances, we offer a complete registration solution including new substance notification under ChemO and substance registration under EU REACH. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Swiss only representative
  • Customize compliance strategy
  • Recognization of new substances
  • Preparation of notification dossier, including accompanying letter (CH notifier), indications of the CH quantity and public substance name, IUCLID file, safety data sheet (for classified substances), and chemical safety report (above 10 tons per year)
  • Submission of new substances notification using the E-application for chemicals (RPC)
  • Preparation of Unique Formula Identifier (UFI)
  • Substance registration under EU REACH
  • Communication with the Notification Authority for Chemicals
  • Regulatory compliance consulting services for chemicals in Switzerland

Our Advantages

  • Extensive regulatory expertise
  • Comprehensive data collection and submission
  • The streamlined and efficient application process
  • Ongoing guidance and support throughout the registration process and beyond

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