EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN)


Background of EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN)

EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN)

As more and more chemical products such as cleaners, paints, and adhesives for the public's daily use and for professionals are placed on the EU market, the incidence of accidental exposure or improper use of hazardous chemicals is also increasing. In response, many member states have established a system to collect information from companies that place hazardous mixtures on the market. On March 22, 2017, the EU published the Poison Center Notification Regulation (Commission Regulation 2017/542), a new Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation, to implement coordinated information requirements for emergency medical response, which contributes to product safety throughout the EU.

According to this regulation, all mixtures placed on the EU market with physical and chemical hazards or health hazards must be notified to the poison center of the member state. And it must be labeled with the unique formula identifier (UFI).

About Us

Our company provides global regulatory and technical support to help you meet the complex and changing PCN obligations under the CLP Regulation.

Manufacturers, importers, and repackagers who place mixtures on the market are required to submit PCNs in each EU member state where the mixture is marketed. To help our customers meet their PCN obligations, our company is committed to providing chemical portfolio analysis and assisting them in notifying hazardous mixtures. Our global team of experts has a deep understanding of PCN requirements and related regulations. They are capable of quickly and efficiently assisting customers in compiling all the necessary information for electronic submission, such as the mixture category, complete chemical composition, and UFI code.

PCN Essential Information

  • Basic information: product identification, mixture composition identification (CAS/EC), CLP classification, UFI, hazard statements, contact information
  • Mixture hazard information: mixture classification, labeling elements, toxicological information
  • Mixture composition information: composition of the mixture, the concentration of the components of the mixture (exact concentration or range), classification of mixture components
  • Other information: type and size of the packaging, color, status, pH, EuPCS code, use (consumer, professional, industrial)

Our Services

Submitting a PCN is a complex process, which requires the submitter to have the necessary skills and invest resources and time. Our company can help customers complete this process, including opening ECHA accounts, creating UFI codes, collecting information required by PCN, and sending information to each country/region where the mixture is on the market.

  • Identifying the client's role in the supply chain and providing strategic and regulatory advice on how best to meet compliance obligations
  • Product classification and the collection and collation of information about products
  • Screening for missing notification information
  • Develop UFI strategies based on business decisions and market changes
  • Preparation of EU REACH and CLP-compliant SDS and labels
  • Assist customers in meeting notification obligations by preparing notification-compliant dossiers and submitting PCN notifications to ECHA
  • Update notifications
  • Update SDS/label after completion of EU PCN notification
  • Training

Why Choose Our Company?

  • We offer an efficient one-stop solution for PCN dossier generation, submission, and management.
  • Our international team provides notification dossiers in the languages required by each member state.
  • We manage your documentation to keep your SDS, labels, and notifications in sync.

If you need help or have a question, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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