CAS Number Application


Background of the CAS Number

CAS Number Application

Chemical compounds are identified in many different ways, such as chemical structures, systematic names, and common names. This ambiguity in the identification of chemical substances causes delays and even safety problems in the identification of chemical substances. As a unique and unambiguous identifier for specific substances (such as compounds, polymer materials, and alloys), CAS numbers help researchers, producers, traders, and users of chemical substances communicate clearly.

CAS numbers of chemical substances are always used in practical business activities, such as customs chemical filing, chemical trade, and chemical registration (e.g., EU REACH registration, Chinese new chemical registration, U.S. TSCA filing). CAS numbers for most common substances are available in publicly available databases, but for patented or newly generated substances, CAS numbers can only be obtained by application to the CAS (Chemical Abstract Service).

About Us

Our company provides clients with complete solutions to obtain CAS numbers for chemical substances, which is a key step in compliance.

Our company has extensive experience in chemical substance regulatory compliance, including compliance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations. Our experts are well-versed in the requirements for obtaining CAS numbers for cutting-edge new chemical products and can assist companies in navigating the regulatory landscape to ensure compliance. As a reliable regulatory partner that sets itself apart from the competition with expertise, experience, and customized solutions, we keep your registered company name, address, phone number, and order product information strictly confidential without your permission.

Our CAS Number Application Services

Our company understands the unique needs of our clients when obtaining CAS numbers for their chemical substances and provides customized solutions to ensure they receive the best possible service. We guide clients through the application process for many types of chemical substances, such as organic and inorganic compounds, coordination and organometallic compounds, metals and alloys, proteins and nucleic acids, polymers, non-structural materials and those of unknown or variable composition and biologics (UVCBs). Our services include:

  • CAS number search
  • Assist clients in preparing complete and reliable substance data
  • Assist clients in reviewing substance information for accuracy
  • Submission of CAS applications on behalf of clients
  • Assist clients in communicating with CAS authorities
  • Assist clients in tracking CAS application results

CAS Number Application Process

We provide CAS number application services to our clients according to the following standard process:

a) Submit a request to CAS for a CAS Number

b) Provide identifying information

c) Official review

d) Information supplement (if any)

e) Official feedback on the application result

f) Assignment of a CAS Number

g) Payment of administrative fee

Our Advantages

  • Full-process CAS number application/inquiry service
  • Extensive experience in CAS number application/inquiry for various types of substances
  • Ongoing guidance and support throughout the registration process and beyond

If you need help or have a question, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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