Chinese Safety Data Sheets for Fertilizers


Introduction to Fertilizer Labelling in China

Chinese Safety Data Sheets for Fertilizers

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are documents that provide information on the hazards and safe handling of chemicals, including fertilizers. Chinese authorities require the preparation of SDSs for all fertilizers sold within the country. These SDSs must include information on the fertilizer composition, potential hazards, and safe handling and storage practices.

The preparation of accurate and up-to-date SDSs for fertilizers is critical to ensuring the safety of users and the environment. For example, SDSs can help users understand the risks associated with fertilizer exposure and take appropriate precautions to minimize those risks. SDSs can also help emergency responders and regulatory authorities respond quickly and effectively in the event of a spill or other accident involving fertilizer.

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Our company is responsible for creating, maintaining, and distributing comprehensive SDSs for fertilizers to meet your increasingly complex China compliance requirements.

Fertilizer SDSs are critical to ensuring the safe use of fertilizers in China. As your trusted compliance experts, we offer a range of services to help you comply with global regulatory standards for the environment, health, and safety. Whether you need a raw material introduction, report creation, SDS preparation, or distribution and workflow management, we can provide you with an integrated compliance solution with our industry-leading expertise, technology, and data to address the regulatory aspects of your business for fertilizer products.

Our Fertilizer Safety Data Sheet Preparation Services

We offer a range of services to help companies prepare and maintain compliant SDSs for fertilizer products.

  • SDS authoring services
    We provide expert technical support to help companies prepare and author SDSs for their fertilizer products. Our team has extensive experience in SDS authoring and is familiar with the regulatory requirements for SDSs in China. We prepare SDSs for our clients that meet the specific format and content requirements of GB/T 16483-2008 "Safety data sheet for chemical products: Content and order of sections" and GB/T 17519-2013 "Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheet for chemical products", including the following information:
  • 1) Identification of the substance or mixture and the supplier

    2) Hazard identification

    3) Composition/information on ingredients

    4) First-aid measures

    5) Fire-fighting measures

    6) Accidental release measures

    7) Handling and storage

    8) Exposure controls/personal protection

    9) Physical and chemical properties

    10) Stability and reactivity

    11) Toxicological information

    12) Ecological information

    13) Disposal consideration

    14) Transport information

    15) Regulatory information

    16) Other information

  • SDS translation services
    We also offer translation services for SDSs prepared in other languages. Our translators are fluent in both Chinese and English and can provide accurate and high-quality SDS translations.
  • SDS management services
    We offer SDS management services to help companies keep their SDSs up-to-date and easily accessible. Our SDS management services include regular updates to SDSs as regulations change, as well as online access to SDSs for easy reference and distribution.
  • Intelligent fertilizer management
    Our fertilizer compliance solutions are designed to help businesses proactively manage the environmental, health, and safety aspects of fertilizers, minimizing risks to humans and the environment. Our solutions enable businesses to control their inventory, report on anything, and provide the technical and compliance information needed to develop products quickly and avoid costly delays.
  • Customized regulatory training
  • Comprehensive regulatory consulting and technical support

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