China Fertilizer Registration and Filing


Fertilizer Regulations in China

China Fertilizer Registration and Filing

In general, fertilizer is a broad term that encompasses various substances that can offer, maintain or improve the nutritional status, output, quality, and stress tolerance of crops or the biological, physical, and chemical properties of soils or plants. This includes organic, inorganic, and microbial substances, as well as mixtures of these substances. The primary goal of fertilizers is to increase the output and quality of agricultural produce or increase stress resistance in plants. Fertilizer products should be registered in accordance with the Administration of Fertilizer Registration, Fertilizer Registration Data Requirements, Agriculture Law of the People's Republic of China, and other management systems for compliance. Fertilizer products without registration or filing shall not be imported, manufactured, sold, used, or advertised.

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Our company provides one-stop solutions and comprehensive services to help you comply with fertilizer regulations in China.

The Chinese government has implemented strict regulations for the registration and filing of fertilizers to ensure the safety and effectiveness of agricultural products. Therefore, registering and filing fertilizers in China can be a complex and time-consuming process. As experts in the agrochemical industry, our team has extensive experience navigating the complex regulatory landscape in China and can help companies ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. We develop efficient compliance solutions for different fertilizer products to help companies succeed in the China market and provide the highest quality regulatory and consulting services to support their growth.

Application Types for Fertilizer Products

We provide our clients with professional guidance and services to complete two types of fertilizer registration in China: registration and filing.

Types of Fertilizer Products Compliance Requirements Authority
Microbial Fertilizers

Microbial organic fertilizers

Compound microbial fertilizers

Organic matter-decomposing inoculant

Concentrated inoculant of agriculture microorganisms

Bioremediating inoculant

Soil remediation inoculant

Microbial inoculants in agriculture

Registration National MOA
Chemical Fertilizers

Water-soluble macronutrient fertilizers

Water-soluble fertilizers containing micronutrients magnesium potassium sulfate for agriculture

Water-soluble fertilizers containing calcium and magnesium

Magnesium potassium chloride for agriculture

Record-filing National MOA

Water-soluble fertilizers containing amino-acids

Water-soluble fertilizers containing humic-acids

Organic water-soluble fertilizers

Soil conditioners

Slow-release fertilizers

Water-soluble fertilizer containing silicon

Non-water-soluble secondary element fertilizers

Micronutrients fertilizers

Agro-forestry absorbent polymer

Urea ammonium nitrate solution

Fertilizer synergist

Modified ammonium nitrate for agriculture

Magnesium sulfate for agricultural use

Calcium ammonium nitrate for agricultural use

Calcium nitrate for agriculture use

Synergistic nitrogen fertilizer

Other Fertilizers

Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer

Rice nursery soil conditioner

organic fertilizer

Registration Provincial agricultural department

Compound fertilizer

Bulk blending fertilizer


Our Fertilizer Registration and Filing Services

We offer a range of services to assist companies with registering and filing fertilizers in China. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Product classification and product registration type analysis
  • Dossier preparation (applicant form, test reports, safety data, credential documents, evaluation form, product executive standard, enterprise information, label sample, and product samples)
  • Fertilizer registration or filing
  • Renewal fertilizer registration
  • Modification fertilizer registration (for product's use scope, name, and enterprise name changes, but does not involve product quality)
  • Field test agent and supervision
  • Annual quality test
  • Label review
  • Product compliance reporting
  • Customized regulatory training
  • Comprehensive regulatory consulting and technical support

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