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As a recognized leader in the industry, our company provides highly specialized technical services and comprehensive solutions for the registration and regulatory compliance of agrochemicals and biocides.


Agrochemicals and biocides are used to improve and protect agricultural production, which is critical for promoting world food production. Testing of agrochemicals and biocides plays a critical role in assessing the safety and toxicity classification of materials used globally. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a series of safety tests on these products to meet the guidance of international regulatory agencies. Our company focuses on providing customers with product testing, inspection, and certification, and uses comprehensive quality assurance expertise to help clients overcome regulatory barriers and strategic obstacles in the agrochemical and biocides industries.

Our company has a global network of industry-leading technical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to provide expert and comprehensive solutions to the regulatory, scientific, and technical challenges of agrochemicals and biocides. We have expertise in a variety of areas including statistics, probabilistic risk assessment, toxicology, regulatory affairs, risk communication, and environmental quality guidelines. This allows us to support agrochemical companies in addressing their risk assessment and registration needs.

Our Services in the Agrochemical & Biocide Industry

We provide comprehensive and customizable solutions for agrochemical and biocide companies to help their products enter the global marketplace. Our agrochemical and biocide compliance services include pesticide regulation, disinfectant regulation, fertilizer registration, risk assessment, QSAR, GLP testing, and more.


Europe & Americas

We provide agrochemical and biocide manufacturers with reliable scientific data to determine the effectiveness and safety of their products. We ensure that agrochemical products comply with international standards across a wide range of parameters, including:

  • Physicochemical and technical characteristics
  • Quality control and stability analysis
  • Multi-batch analysis and substance characterization
  • Toxicological analysis and ecotoxicological analysis
  • Biocide efficacy analysis
  • Regulatory support and consulting

Our Capabilities


Our company has an international network of scientists, toxicology consultants, regulatory experts, and inspectors. Our team of experts covers toxicology, chemistry, pesticides, ecology, and other specialized fields.


Our team of registration experts has established relationships with several chemical companies and suppliers and has years of experience in obtaining authorizations or registrations for agricultural chemicals and biocide products.


We tailor our services to the specific needs of each company and provide targeted local registration support. Our successful experience in agrochemical and biocide compliance programs allows us to help our clients meet the challenges posed by the varying requirements of different regions.

As a leader in registration and regulatory compliance services, Our company has provided pesticide, biocide, and fertilizer registration services to a number of companies. We are committed to contributing to public health and environmental protection. If you need help or have a question, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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