China Fertilizer Labelling Review


Introduction to Fertilizer Labelling in China

China Fertilizer Labelling Review

As the world's largest agricultural producer and consumer, China has increased its efforts to regulate the fertilizer industry and protect the environment. This has resulted in stricter fertilizer labeling requirements. Fertilizers marketed in China must comply with the requirements of China's compulsory national standard GB 18382-2021 Fertilizer Labelling-Representation and Declaration, which comes into effect on May 1, 2022. The standard specifies the information that needs to be included on fertilizer labels and packaging sold in China and also prohibits the use of certain claims and misleading statements. Failure to comply will result in fines or administrative penalties. Enterprises should have strict requirements for the management of fertilizer product packaging, cooperate with the filing and registration system, and quickly introduce fertilizer products to the market to ensure sustainable and stable development of enterprises.

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Our company helps you review your markings and labels to ensure they comply with the updated national standard. This will reduce your compliance risks.

As experts in the agrochemical industry, our team provides comprehensive regulatory compliance services for agrochemicals, including fertilizers. Our team of experts is familiar with the latest regulatory requirements for fertilizer labeling in China and can help companies ensure that their products are in compliance with the regulations. We offer a range of services, including product registration, label review, and regulatory compliance consultation. Our experts can help companies navigate the complex regulatory landscape in China and ensure that their products are compliant with the latest regulations.

Basic Principles of Fertilizer Labeling

We provide label review services to meet the following basic principles:

  • All content marked on the label shall comply with relevant standards.
  • All content marked on the label should be truthful, accurate, scientific, and easy to understand.
  • All label content should not describe or introduce the fertilizer in a false, deceptive, exaggerated, inaccurate, or misleading manner. If claims go beyond providing nutrients, there should be sufficient credible evidence.
  • All content marked on the label shall not cause users to confuse the fertilizer or a certain property of the fertilizer with another fertilizer by directly or indirectly suggestive language, graphics, or symbols, and shall not contain signs that cause users to confuse the products of different companies' content.

Our Fertilizer Labelling Review Services

We offer a range of services to assist companies with preparing and reviewing fertilizer labels. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of fertilizer labels in Chinese
  • Review label content, including:
  • ✓ Fertilizer name and trademark

    ✓ Fertilizer specifications, grade, and net content

    ✓ Nutrient content

    ✓ Content of other additives

    ✓ Restricted substances and indicators

    ✓ Production license number and fertilizer registration certificate number

    ✓ Name and address of the producer and/or distributor

    ✓ Production date or batch number, import contract number

    ✓ Implementation standard

    ✓ Instructions for use

    ✓ Safety instructions or cautionary statements

  • Fertilizer product registration and filling
  • Customized regulatory training
  • Comprehensive regulatory consulting and technical support

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