Registration of Feed and Feed Additives in China


Introduction to Feed and Feed Additives Registration in China

Registration of Feed and Feed Additives in China

In China, feed and feed additives are subject to several regulations, including the Regulations on the Administration of Feeds and Feed Additives, Catalog of Feed Ingredients and Additives, GB 10648-2013 Feed Label, Measures for the Administration of Registration of Imported Feed and Feed Additives, and Administrative Measures for the Inspection and Quarantine Management of Imported Feeds and Feed Additives. As required by the regulations, registration of feed and feed additives in China is managed by China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) and undergoes a strict approval process. The registration process includes the submission of technical data and other information to MARA, as well as the completion of various testing and evaluation procedures. In addition, overseas manufacturers who wish to export feed and feed additives to China must apply for an import registration certificate for their products through a Chinese agent and register the actual production facility with China's General Administration of Customs (GACC).

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Our company provides GACC access and MARA registration for feed products exported to China for global feed and feed additive companies.

Registration of feed and feed additives in China is a complex and challenging process that requires detailed technical data and compliance with local regulatory requirements. Our company specializes in providing comprehensive services to help foreign producers interested in exporting feed and feed additives to China complete the registration process and ensure compliance with Chinese regulations. Whether you need technical advice on product testing, MARA registration, intellectual property protection, and training on Chinese market regulations, our team of experts can provide you with integrated compliance solutions to address the regulatory aspects of your feed product business.

Feed Types

Our feed and feed additive registration services cover a wide range of types, including:

  • Single feeds and compound feeds.
  • Concentrated feeds, including protein-supplemented feeds.
  • Additive premixed feeds, including amino acids, their salts and analogs, vitamins, vitamin primes, mineral elements and their complex minerals, live microorganisms, enzymes, non-protein nitrogen, antioxidants, flavoring and appetizing substances binders, polysaccharides and oligosaccharides, etc.
  • Concentrate supplements, including mixed concentrate feeds, mainly consist of energy feeds, mineral feeds, protein feeds, and some feed additives.

Feed and Feed Additive Registration Process

1) Prepare registration dossiers as required by MARA (application form, domestic agent's business license, power of attorney, feed manufacturing licenses, SDS, product composition, production process description and flow chart, product quality standards, etc.).

2) Submit registration dossiers to MARA through its online platform.

3) Deliver the product samples to MARA's designated laboratory for testing.

4) After the product passes the test, MARA will issue the import registration certificate within 10 working days.

Facility Registration Process with China GACC

1) Overseas manufacturers prepare registration dossiers as required by GACC and submit them to the competent authority of the exporting country/region.

2) The competent department submits the list of foreign producers who intend to export feed and forwards the application materials to GACC.

3) GACC reviews the submitted materials and sends the import risk analysis questionnaire to the competent department.

4) GACC arranges for experts to conduct risk assessments after receiving the reply. (If necessary, additional information will be required by GACC.)

5) For qualified manufacturers, GACC may send experts to conduct random inspections of the manufacturers applying for registration.

6) GACC publishes the latest list on the GACC official website.

Our Feed and Feed Additive Registration Services

  • Feed and feed additive registration with MARA
  • Facility registration with China GACC
  • Comprehensive regulatory consulting and technical support

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