Biochemical Pesticide Registration in China


Introduction to Biochemical Pesticides

Biochemical Pesticide Registration in China

Biological pesticides refer to preparations that use living organisms (fungi, bacteria, insect viruses, genetically modified organisms, natural enemies, etc.) or their metabolites (pheromones, auxins, naphthalene acetic acid, 2,4-D, etc.) to kill or inhibit agricultural pests. Biopesticides are divided into microbial-derived pesticides, botanical-derived pesticides, and biochemical pesticides according to the different biological sources, of which biochemical pesticides account for a relatively large number of registrations.

Biochemical pesticides meet both conditions: they have no direct toxicity to the control object, but only have special effects such as regulating growth, interfering with mating or attracting; and they are natural compounds. If they are synthetic, their structure should be identical to natural compounds (allowing for differences in isomer ratios). Currently, registered biochemical pesticides mainly include gibberellic acid, pheromone, indoleacetic acid, brassinolide, etc.

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We help companies interested in registering biochemical pesticides in China navigate complex regulatory environments and gain market access.

Our company's professional team is composed of senior regulatory experts and risk assessment technical experts from world-class agrochemical companies. Our rich technical experience in pesticide and fertilizer product registration strategy, registration process, data requirements, and risk assessment enables us to help clients eliminate regulatory challenges and ensure the smooth registration of biochemical pesticides in China. We can also provide ongoing compliance monitoring to ensure companies remain in compliance with regulations in China.

Classification of Biochemical Pesticides

Different active ingredients in biochemical pesticides have different properties, so registration information requirements vary. Our biochemical pesticide registration services cover a wide range of product types.

Pheromone substances

Definition: Chemical substances secreted by animals and plants that alter the biological behavior of the same or different receptors.

Examples: Sex attractant for Chilo borer, sex attractant for Spodoptera litura, cis-9-tetradeceneacetic acid ester, cis-7-dodecene acetate, etc.

Natural plant growth regulator

Definition: Chemical substances produced by plants or microorganisms that inhibit and stimulate the growth and development of plants or regulate the resistance of plants to adversity.

Examples: Gibberellic acid, indole acetic acid, indole butyric acid, naphthaleneacetic acid, S-antibodies, brassinolide, oryzanol, etc.

Natural insect growth regulator

Definition: Chemical substances produced by insects that inhibit and stimulate insect growth.

Examples: Muscalure, S-methoprene

Natural plant inducer

Definition: Substances of natural origin that can induce plants to produce defense responses to pest infection and improve disease resistance.

Examples: Hypersensitivity protein, amino oligosaccharides, lentinan, chitosan, dextran, mixed fatty acids, chitooligosaccharides, etc.


Definition: Other chemicals that meet the definition of biochemical pesticides

Examples: Cholecalciferol

Our Biochemical Pesticide Registration Services

Our compliance specialists help our clients prepare and submit the required registration documents to the Ministry of Agriculture. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Formula and label review
  • Data evaluation and gap analysis
  • Testing coordination
  • Pesticide risk assessment
  • Registration data preparation (product chemistry data, toxicity data, and eco-tox data)
  • Registration of technical concentration (technical materials that cannot be applied for because of material characteristics, technical or safety registration, such as fermented or extracted biochemical pesticides)
  • Import and export customs release certificate
  • Registration change and renewal
  • Registration and production license consulting and training
  • Local representation

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