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Background of KOSHA

KOSHA SDS Submission

Companies conducting chemical-related business in/with Korea not only need to comply with K-REACH but also need to strictly comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in Korea. The Act was revised and issued by the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor (MoEL) in 2019 and has come into effect in 2020. The implementation of OSHA promotes the standardized use of chemicals in the workplace to avoid chemical safety accidents. OSHA requires that enterprises that intend to manufacture or import chemicals and mixtures that meet the classification criteria specified in the Industrial Safety and Health Act must prepare (M) SDSs and submit them to MoEL.

About Us

With extensive regulatory and scientific expertise, our company is committed to providing KOSHA SDS submission services to help you comply with Korea's OSHA amendment obligations. Our team of experts has an in-depth understanding of Korean chemical regulations and years of hands-on experience in MSDS submissions, PLC exemptions, and new substance declarations and registrations. We are confident that we can work with you and provide a full range of innovative solutions to address chemical regulatory challenges.

KOSHA SDS Submission

Korean chemical manufacturers and importers can directly visit the KOSHA website and submit MSDSs online. And companies outside of Korea can designate an Only Representative (OR) in Korea to file. Furthermore, the revised MSDS should be submitted on time if the main details, including product information, hazard classification, and supplier, have changed. Applicants (manufacturers and importers in Korea, or ORs) can submit the following three forms of (M)SDS electronically through the official IT system.

  • Option 1: Submit (M)SDS with all ingredient information;
  • Option 2: Submit (M)SDS containing only hazardous ingredients and a separate document containing information on other ingredients;
  • Option 3: Submit (M)SDS containing only hazardous ingredients and a separate statement confirming that the undisclosed ingredients are non-hazardous substances (This option is only for imported products).

Our Services 

Our company provides the following chemical notification-related services for manufacturers and suppliers engaged in the chemical business:

  • Notification consultation
  • Notification strategy development
  • K-OSHA Only Representative services
  • Classification of substances
  • Design, implementation, and management of test procedures
  • Korea MSDS preparation and update
  • Korea MSDS review and submission
  • CBI application and extension request
  • Annual consulting services
  • Regulation training services

Our Advantages

  • Our company has expert resources to support chemical companies in preparing K-OSHA SDSs and can submit compliant SDSs to the Authority on behalf of these companies.
  • We have many years of experience in chemical regulatory consulting services and have helped many well-known companies complete SDS submissions and fulfill their regulatory obligations in Asia-Pacific countries.
  • Our professional team provides internationalized service with the ability to speak Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese, German, and other languages.

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