Public Health Pesticide Registration in China


Regulatory Framework for Public Health Pesticides in China

Public Health Pesticide Registration in China

The new version of the "Pesticide Registration Data Requirements" clearly defines the definition of public health pesticides, which refers to pesticides used to prevent and control mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, ants, and other harmful organisms in the human living environment and the living environment of breeding animals in agriculture and forestry. Among them, highly toxic pesticides shall not be used for sanitary pests. According to the "Administrative Measures for Pesticide Registration", pesticide production, operation, and use in China should obtain pesticide registration. Pesticides that have not obtained a pesticide registration certificate in accordance with the law shall be regarded as counterfeit pesticides.

Pesticide production enterprises and enterprises exporting pesticides to China require pesticide registration certificates. In addition, pesticide labels and product production and management should meet relevant regulatory requiremen

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Our company offers reliable turnkey solutions to register public health pesticides in China efficiently.

Public health pesticide registration in China is a complex process that involves multiple regulatory authorities and requires comprehensive data to support the registration application. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of the regulatory landscape for public health pesticides in China, as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with this market. We offer a range of services to support companies in registering public health pesticides in China, including regulatory consulting, toxicology and ecotoxicology testing, pesticide registration, etc. With our local knowledge, comprehensive services, and cost-effective solutions, we can help companies bring their products to market in China and succeed in this growing market.

Classification of Public Health Pesticides

Our public health pesticide registration services cover a wide range of pesticide categories, including chemical pesticides, biochemical pesticides, microbial pesticides, and pesticides of plant origin. These pesticides are divided into the following two categories according to their application place and methods:

Household insecticides

Definition: Public health pesticides that users do not need to dilute for direct use in households.

Examples: Mosquito repellent liquid, mosquito repellent lotion, mosquito repellent toilet water, mosquito repellent towel, mosquito coil, electric heating mosquito coil, etc.

Environmental health insecticides

Definition: Public health pesticides that may be used in indoor and outdoor environments after further treatment with dilution.

Examples: Outdoor mosquito killer, snail killer, termite control agent, etc.

Applicants for pesticide registration

We help organizations and individuals who meet the following requirements apply for public health pesticide registration:

  • Pesticide production enterprises that have obtained pesticide production licenses in China
  • Enterprises exporting pesticides to China

After obtaining the pesticide registration certificate for pesticide products produced overseas, enterprises or units with import and export business qualifications in China shall apply for the pesticide import registration management release notice as applicants, then the product can be imported into China.

  • New pesticide developers, who develop new pesticides in China

For new pesticides jointly developed by multiple entities, one of the entities shall be specified as the applicant, and other entities shall not apply repeatedly.

Our Public Health Pesticide Registration Services

Our compliance specialists help our clients prepare and submit the required registration documents to the Ministry of Agriculture. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Formula and label review
  • Data evaluation and gap analysis
  • Testing coordination
  • Product safety assessment
  • Registration data preparation
    • Test data preparation, including product chemical tests, toxicological tests, efficacy tests, environmental impact tests (indoor use of sanitary insecticides, direct application to the human body of mosquito repellent products can be exempted from environmental information), etc.
    • General information preparation, including application forms, applicant documentation, applicant statements, comprehensive reports, labels and instructions, other registration-related supporting materials, product safety data sheets, reference materials, etc.
  • Public health pesticide registration application
  • Generation of labels with the relevant information for different types of insecticide products
  • Import and export customs release certificate
  • Regulatory consulting

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