K-BPR Compliance


Background of K-BPR

K-BPR Compliance

In order to regulate the management of biocide products and consumer-related chemicals in the Korean market and prevent the recurrence of safety problems, the Korean Ministry of Environment (MOE) enacted the Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides Safety Act (also known as K-BPR) in 2019. The amendments to the K-BPR were enacted in March 2020 and formally implemented in January 2021. Similar to the EU BPR, the K-BPR establishes regulations and management measures for compliance with biocide active substances, biocide products, and treated articles. Manufacturers and importers of these products are required to meet a series of labeling, certification, declaration, and licensing requirements to ensure that the products continue to circulate in the Korean market.

About Us

Both biocidal products and consumer chemical products need to undergo a complex evaluation and declaration process before entering the Korean market. The rigor of K-BPR has brought a certain burden to the declaration of enterprises. Our company is committed to developing the most appropriate K-BPR compliance strategy for companies based on their own actual situation and requirements. For your products that meet or are similar to the types of products announced in the Korean K-BPR regulations, we offer a full range of Korean K-BPR compliance services to help you improve your company's competitiveness in Korea and expand the Korean market.

Our K-BPR Compliance Services

  • Compliance services for active substances

Biocide active substances that have entered the Korean market before December 31, 2018, are referred to as existing active substances. These substances need to apply for pre-registration or late pre-registration and then complete the active substance approval application within the grace period obtained. We provide the following compliance services for active substances:

  • Pre-notification of existing active substances
  • Application of approval of existing active substances
  • Compilation and preparation of active substance approval dossier
  • Preparation of substance equivalence data
  • CICO management
  • Data gap analysis
  • Communication with domestic and overseas data holders
  • Chemical safety report preparation
  • Testing arrangement and scheduling
  • Only Representative
  • Filing and Reporting
  • Compliance services for biocidal products

We help companies that intend to manufacture or import biocide products for trade in the Korean market obtain approval for biocide products. Our compliance services include:

  • Compilation and preparation of biocidal product approval dossier
  • Preparation of product similarity data
  • CICO management
  • LoA intermediation for licensed active substances
  • Tests arrangement and monitoring
  • Biocidal product risk assessment work
  • Biocidal product label review
  • Only Representative
  • Filing and Reporting
  • Compliance services for treated articles
    • Label review of treated articles
  • Compliance services for consumer chemical products subject to safety check
  • Analysis of the type of product group
  • Testing arrangements for safety inspections
  • Application Submission
  • Review of the declaration of safety check
  • Compliance check of safety standards
  • Document supplement
  • K-BPR comprehensive consulting service
  • Translation of application materials and regulatory documents
  • Regulation training

Our Advantages

  • Overcome various problems related to K-BPR compliance with a professional technical team and rich compliance experience.
  • Complete compliance solutions from regulatory study to active substance assessment and subsequent dossier completion and supplementation.
  • Maintain communication with the official at all times, and keep abreast of official updates.

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