China Children's Cosmetics Registration


Background of Children's Cosmetic Registration in China

China Children's Cosmetics Registration

In China, children's cosmetics are defined as cosmetics that are intended for use by children under the age of 12. These products are subject to stricter safety requirements than adult cosmetics and must undergo safety assessments and meet specific quality standards before being sold on the Chinese market. The regulations cover a wide range of aspects, including product labeling, testing, and ingredient restrictions.

The safety assessment process for children's cosmetics in China involves testing for acute toxicity, skin irritation, eye irritation, and other potential safety risks. In addition, manufacturers must provide detailed information about the product's ingredients, including potential allergens or hazardous substances. The Chinese government has also established specific labeling requirements for children's cosmetics, which include the use of standardized terminology for product claims, as well as the inclusion of warning statements and information about the product's safety and appropriate use.

About Us

Our company provides guidance on the entire registration process for children's cosmetics for companies hoping to sell them in China.

Our team of experts understands the challenges companies face when registering children's cosmetics in China. We offer a range of services including safety assessment and testing, ingredient analysis, labeling compliance, and product registration support to help our clients achieve compliance and obtain market access. We also offer other services to support our client's needs, including product testing and certification, supply chain management, and market research. With our extensive network of partners and resources, we are well-positioned to provide comprehensive support to companies seeking to enter or expand into the Chinese children's cosmetic market.

Classification of Children's Cosmetics

Children's cosmetics are mainly classified according to efficacy claims. We assist our clients with the registration of special cosmetics and the filing of general cosmetics in accordance with the provisions of the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations.

User group Product Efficacy
Infant (0-3 years old, including 3) Cleaning, moisturizing, hair care, soothing, body refreshing, sun screening
Children (3-12 years old, including 12) Cleaning, makeup removing, moisturizing, perfuming, beautifying and embellishing, repairing, hair care, soothing, body refreshing, sun screening

Our Children's Cosmetic Registration Services

Our company provides comprehensive expertise and technical support to assist companies in registering and notifying children's cosmetics in China. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Consultation on children's cosmetic registration
  • Children's cosmetic formulation review
    • Review whether the formulation design follows the principles of safety first, efficacy essential, and formulation minimal
    • Review the presence of prohibited ingredients in infant cosmetics, such as boric acid, borates, and tetraborates
    • Labeling and packaging review
  • Preparation of labels containing information such as special cosmetic registration certificate number, product executive standard number, full ingredients listing, net content, safety warnings, and children's cosmetics logo
  • Toxicological testing and safety assessment
  • Assistance in preparing materials required for registration and filing of children's cosmetics, including product formulations, product inspection reports, product safety assessment information, etc.
  • Registration or filing of children's cosmetics
  • Label updates
  • Communication with regulatory agencies
  • Post-market surveillance

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  • Competitive pricing

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