Application for Cosmetic Ingredient Submission Code in China


Background of the Cosmetic Ingredient Submission Code in China

Application for Cosmetic Ingredient Submission Code in China

The Cosmetic Ingredient Submission Code (CISC) system requires cosmetics manufacturers to submit a unique code for each cosmetic ingredient used in their products. The submission code will be used to track and monitor the safety of cosmetic products on the market and to improve transparency and accountability in the cosmetics industry.

The NMPA has established a Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Information Registration Platform, which cosmetic ingredient manufacturers or their authorized enterprises must use to report safety information related to cosmetic ingredients. According to the Provisions for the Registration and Filing of Cosmetics and other regulations, the registrant, filing, or domestic responsible person shall fill out and submit the ingredient safety information document issued by cosmetic ingredient manufacturers through this platform, or fill in the ingredient safety information document associated with the ingredients submission code generated by the platform.

About Us

Our company offers a range of services to help cosmetic manufacturers comply with the new requirements for cosmetic ingredient submission codes in China.

As a person in charge within the territory of China, we provide efficient solutions for the submission of safety information on cosmetic ingredients and the daily maintenance of the information. In addition, our expert team helps cosmetics companies submit cosmetic raw material information and obtain cosmetic raw material submission codes in a timely manner after the cosmetic raw material submission platform is available online. This can save downstream cosmetics companies the time to sort out raw material documents by themselves and avoid affecting cosmetic product registration or filing progress. On the other hand, it helps cosmetic ingredient manufacturers seize opportunities to gain an advantage in the competition in the raw material market.

Application Path for Cosmetic Ingredient Submission Code

Users in China can log in directly through the "Cosmetics Raw Material Safety Information Registration Platform" module in the online service hall of the NMPA.

Users outside of China need to register an account on the "Cosmetic Ingredients Safety Information Registration Platform" and then log in.

Our company helps overseas or domestic cosmetic ingredient manufacturers report cosmetic ingredient safety information and maintain it regularly.

Required Information

We assist our customers in preparing information to be provided when reporting safety information for cosmetic ingredients, including:

  • Basic information and a brief description of the process
  • Raw material identification and characteristic indicators
  • Risk information and control indicators
  • Assessment conclusions from international authorities
  • Limit requirements for risk substances
  • Brief description of the requirements for use in other industries
  • Other required data

Report Process of Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Information

Report Process of Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Information

Our Cosmetic Ingredient Submission Code Application Services

  • New Cosmetic Ingredient (NCI) registration/notification
  • Toxicological data gap analysis
  • Supplementary materials submission
  • Testing monitoring for new cosmetic ingredient application
  • Safety assessment report
  • Cosmetics Ingredient Submission Code application
  • Regulatory consulting/reporting/training

Our Advantages

  • One-stop service for upstream and downstream cosmetic companies
  • Professional team and rich experience
  • Globalized partners
  • Strict confidentiality system

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