UK REACH Registration


Background of EU REACH

UK REACH Registration

UK REACH, the independent chemical regulation, was brought into law on January 1, 2021. The overall framework, registration process, and requirements of UK REACH are similar to current EU REACH, requiring any company exporting or producing ≥1 tonne/year of chemicals to the UK market to meet the corresponding regulatory obligations. These companies shall submit registration dossiers to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for chemical registration through the REACH-IT system. Chemical production, sale, and import in the UK and EU need to comply with UK REACH and EU REACH regulations respectively.

About Us

Our company is able to serve as your Only Representative (OR) and service provider to help you comply with UK REACH regulations.

Our company has many years of experience in regulatory consulting and chemical registration and currently has an extensive network of chemical laboratories in the UK, EU, and Asia Pacific regions. Our experts have carefully studied the official UK REACH documents to help companies with different identities quickly understand UK REACH and develop coping strategies for them. Our UK REACH regulation services are designed to provide comprehensive OR and registration support services for companies wishing to manufacture, sell and import and distribute chemicals within the UK. To date, we have provided regulatory, technical, and scientific support to hundreds of companies to achieve compliance with European and global chemical regulations.

Compliance Strategies

  • Grandfathering
    We help GB-based companies with completed EU REACH registrations to submit the information required for UK REACH registration within two, four, or six years from October 28, 2021, based on the tonnage and product hazard information.
  • Submit downstream user import notification (DUIN)
    We help non-GB companies that have completed EU REACH registration and have downstream users in GB to submit new registrations based on tonnage and product hazard information within two, four, or six years from October 28, 2021.
  • Directly submit UK REACH registration
    We help foreign companies and their GB importers who have not completed EU REACH registration to complete the new UK REACH registration.

Our UK REACH Registration Services

Our team of experts is ready to support UK REACH registrations and updates on behalf of our clients through the IT systems of the UK authority. We provide complete UK REACH registration services for non-GB companies, including setting up a UK REACH-IT account, filing and submitting dossiers, and updating dossiers. The scope of services provided below represents a general approach to service delivery. We adapt the scope of services to the specific needs of our clients.

  • "Comply with REACH" account creation and maintenance
  • UK REACH registration timeline creation
  • Customize compliance strategy
  • Grandfathering services
  • DUIN services
  • Authorization application support
  • Submission of notifications for new registrations
  • UK REACH formal registration service
  • Preparation and submission of inquiry dossier to the HSE
  • Preparation of substance identity report
  • Classification, authoring, and review of safety data sheets (SDS) and labels for UK CLP
  • Communication with UK HSE
  • Communication with UK clients and maintenance of UK clients' information
  • Regulatory compliance consulting services for chemicals in the UK

Our Advantages

  • Extensive local knowledge and good relationships with UK regulatory authorities
  • Experienced in UK REACH response and technical consulting services
  • Abundant risk assessment skills and collaborative laboratory resources

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